Already Voted...

I know that today is a HUGE day for America, and I definitely agree that you should exercise your right to vote (or if you choose not to, that's your right as well) and I hope that you follow your heart to choose the candidate that most resembles your beliefs. However, around these parts we already voted, so today while the rest of the world waits to hear America's results, we will be Hailing to another chief of sorts.

Basically, the Porcelain Throne is running for President with Theo as his Vice President. When translated into non-patriotic vernacular, it means that Theo will be taking the plunge (thus begins my tacky toilet related humor) into full blown (ew) potty training. I mean, up until this point we've been kinda doing it half assed (no pun intended...okay pun intended) and letting him take his time to wonder in and mosey at his leisure.

Not today. Today we are going um, er, gall* to the wall (censorship please and thank you) and every 15 minutes like clock work we will be checking out the plumbing (this is too easy). I've got a sticker chart hung, treats handy, snacks prepared, the juice and water will be flowing...can you say open bar all day? MY. KINDA. PARTY.

Well, with the exception of the venue and the clean- up situation. That part I'm  dreading.

So put on your excited big boy pants and enjoy all of the election coverage, because while all of the major news networks are reporting live from Washington, I'll be "reporting live" (figuratively of course) from the front lines of the greatest battle that has ever taken place in our home.

This is what separates the Moms from the boys. So enjoy your day as an American, and I'll enjoy my freedom to exercise bribery during this stressful parenting milestone.

God bless the U.S.A!

**** super cute tidbit... Theo thinks flags are called "God Bless Americas", so instead of saying "look at that flag mama" he will say "mama look at all the God Bless Americas."...It melts my heart. I just don't have the heart to correct him!

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