This kid has serious road rage...

So I took a hiatus from bloggity land this week  after my amazing weekend of dance and waterpark fun. To put it plainly... I needed a recovery period, but fear not, you will have a (post) weekend update a la Jimmy Fallon style( nothing against Seth Meyers or anything...Jimmy Fallon was just IT when it came to weekend update) as soon as my little fingers can type.

But since we've been back, we loaded up the ole station wagon (aka saturn vue, in my mind it has wood paneling) and took a family trip to Lowe's. This specific trip was a HUGE milestone, because we were able to ditch the carseat. YUP that's right, Elliot is now big enough to share the cart with Theo.

Cue road rage.

If you wondering why we were just standing there, you weren't the only one. Apparantly choosing the correct U nails is the equivelent to brain surgery and  requires an infinate amount of deliberation.

Also poor Theo never got to be pushed to an adventure. By the time the hubster chose the correct hardware for our project ,we were pretty much Lowe'd out. Oh well. Next time sweet Theo we shall push you to adventure.

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