Reach for the stars fool.

I always have these crazy ambitions. Like, I feel as though I  can make anything, do anything, and be anything. I thank my parents for instilling in me the power of a dream, but like everything else in life, I tend to go a little overboard.

I start projects with excitement and gusto, I dream of the outcome, and I literally spend way too much time thinking about how awesome the finished product will be. I'm like the queen of wannabe DIY'er mixed with the inability to work any type of power tool.  If I could spend the "dream" time actually doing the project, then I would be set. But I begin them anyway, knowing full well that I will only begin at a time when I am unable to allow my full attention, which equals me not finishing ...EVER.

I blame my A.D.D. along with my fantastic ability to justify my laziness with just about any other life task, because I'm a mom and damn it...I'm busy. So when Grey's comes on, instead of finishing the 4 week old, half finished slipcover, I use the old "mommy needs to recharge" bit. Heck, sometimes I surprise myself with my excuses, because almost every morning I wake up with the intention to finish almost every single project during nap time.

Then nap times don't line up, or I jump into another crazy scheme of  a pinterest inspired dinner, and as quickly as my scheme started, I'm on to another A.D.D inspired idea.

Because I reach for the stars yo.

and I own it.

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