Fall has begun.

Today was a beeeeauutiful Ohio day, so we ventured out of the house for a pumpkin patch playdate with cousins. All in all it was a pretty great day, even though we hit a rough patch when Theo threw his entire body into goat/ sheep excrement while throwing a temper tantrum...but somehow we recovered quickly (thank you distractions) and enjoyed the rest of the  fall activities that the farm had to offer.

In case you were wondering, Yes we wore flannel, because that is what we city folk do for a day in the country. You call it stereotypical we call it festive...even if it turns out to be 73 degrees outside (oops). Oh well, at least we looked the part even if we were sweating our arse's off.

Here's some photo memories from the day, minus the image of Theo laying in goat/sheep poop flailing about wildly...I'll let you leave that one to your imagination.


Buckle up...FALL2012 has begun. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
I've always wanted to say that.

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