Pine Nut Nior

ahhhh Monday Monday, you have arrived so quickly.

Hubster and I left our kiddos for the first time overnight to go to a wedding of one of my WSU dance pals. It was a bit off the beaten path so I got to feel like I was taking a vacation. I mean if you consider lunacy driving to try to beat the trip timer on the GPS (hub) and stopping every 15 minutes for an overactive bladder (me...hey 2 kids in 3 years takes a toll)a vacation, then yes. Yes we were on vacation. Not to mention McDonald's breakfast. McDonald's breakfast is a vacation staple. Sidebar, you would have thought that the Presidential Candidates were visiting McDonald's. We waited in a line  for about 20 minutes. and in McDonald's time that's like the equivalent to 2 hours. They work in warp speed. You could tell that the employees were on edge knowing that they would probably be taking a royal beating from Ronald McDonald for not being "efficient".

It was great to be able to hang out in the car with the Hubster and actually have a conversation without having to stop mid- sentence and sing "The wheels on the bus". It was weird, all of our conversations made sense. Also there was time for retrospective pausing. There was time to think. What a new concept. I was able to enjoy the hubs for being a great guy and not just a great dad.

When we arrived we had to go straight to the church for the wedding, which was BEA-utiful.It was seriously one of the most well put together weddings I have ever seen. It had a barn, white, burlapy lace vibe which was totally up my alley. The bride looked beautiful in her lace covered gown (cue Rachel Zoe voice... "I die") and the church was breathtaking.

There was a time lapse in between the Church and Reception (allowed for travel time, photos and such) so in theory we were going to check into the hotel and hop on the shuttle to take us to the reception, but all of that flew out of the window when our hotel was not ready. Luckily my friends were going to grab a quick bite to eat at a local sports bar to kill time. When I say local I mean LOCAL. The place that we went to was described to us as local hangout, and that they were used to big parties. Unfortunately, I think that our definitions of Big were very different, because they were obviously unprepared for a party with more than 4 people. I'm not one to usually complain, because I know that working in the restaurant industry sucks, but I have to say our service was a little questionable. I felt so badly for our waitress, because she was so overwhelmed. My personal chuckle moment was when I asked for a wine list (who does that at a sports bar? This girl) and she kindly told me that they didn't have one, but that she could tell me what they have. When I said that that would be fine, she became very redfaced and admitted that the only one she could remember was "Pine Nut Noir". I'm not sure what my face looked like, but I'm sure it was a cross between a frozen Joan Rivers (what the hell face) and an Edward Cullen ( concerned,  apprehensive, untrusting...hungry). Nonverbal communication has never been my strong point...  I KNOW that she totally didn't expect me to actually ask for her to recite the list. Honestly, I'm  not a wine snob or anything, but as a person who habitually pronounces words wrong, it felt great to hear that from someone else. Luckily there are other pronunciation fools walking the earth...almost like the clouds opened up and said "this is where you belong". Finally,  I found my place of acceptance. Mispronunciation, Ohio. My new Favorite place on earth.

Back to the wedding...It was great to see old friends, spend quality time with the hubs and to enjoy the perfect setting of an outdoor farm themed wedding.  Plus there was a snow machine. Totally Boss.

 All in all a pretty steller vacation.  And I'm still chuckling because that waitress said nut. Yes I have the sense of humor of a 10 year old boy. Judge me.

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