Monday funday

Happy Monday Blog world.

I awoke to a perfectly crisp fall morning...total sweatshirt and boot weather (eat your heart out summer) this is my favorite time of year! Love love love the autumn chill and the excitement that comes with it...football anyone?

I'm always jonesing for a hoodie morning, and this weekend brought them to the forefront. Actually I felt like a dope, because Saturday morning was fall-ish and I forgot a sweatshirt (wouldn't it figure).

Our weekend was Festival- tacular.

Saturday we celebrated all that is Popcorn at the Popcorn festival. YUM. This is my favorite festival, because it has all of the terrific elements. Popcorn (check), yummy food (check), crafts( check), Native American selling dreamcatchers and playing the recorder (check and check). I have gone to this fest since I was a kiddo, and it really is a family friendly great time. So cool. Not only did I get to spend some much needed time with one of my 5...my best girl LindZ (haha 8th grade note nickname), but I also got to see my awesome dancers rock it out on their performance. All in all a steller day... Love you Popcorn!

Sunday brought on a whole new can of worms for me. We went to the Harvest Home Festival and LOVED IT. This was more of a fair type atmosphere with animals and amusements. There was even old men whiddling flowers out of sticks. Coolest trick ever! Of course the kiddos were in agreement that this place just oozed awesome. We got to see the best in agriculture and crafts. It really made me wish that there were more hours in the day to enter a competition like these ones. This festival brought out my country girl roots...I just wish I had gotten the memo to wear my cowboy boots. Next year.

(if you look closely you can see the fear in my eyes...that slide was faster than I expected)
Master Theo dons his steed
Resting and channeling the Fresh Prince at the same time... Multitasker

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