Forced to be Vegan...

Ok, that title is a bit on the dramatic side, but theren' the truth lies (wow I'm really laying it on thick this morning). My children are unknowingly making me vegan. By vegan  I mean no eggs or dairy but paired with my general distaste for most meats, it puts me in a constant food tilt- a- whirl. I really shouldn't complain, because somewhere in my gene pool, I passed down the allergic to everything delicious and fun genes. It bums me out knowing that my boys may have to miss out on yummy treats (Fingers crossed they grow out of them).

Theo is allergic to eggs and though it doesn't actually affect me personally, we have found that it is MUCH safer to not even have them in the house. Touching surfaces that eggs have been cause a reaction to Theo, and with his new-found independence and love for touching everything in the refrigerator multiple times a day (his new weird obsession), it would be tons more stress and anxiety for me than it's worth. Thus explains our egg free living. At first it was a huge adjustment, but now it's the norm.

Then this new chunky monkey Elliot came into our lives with raging exema and a big smile. Apparantly kids who have exema are more likely to suffer from food allergies, and one reaction later, we found out that Elliot is allergic to milk. BOOM. Just like that no milk. Which means no dairy for the breastfeeding mama. Within 24 hours of my giving up dairy, Elliot's exema completely went away and his fussiness was gone. Hallelujah. Although we love milk, we couldn't keep it in the house either, because of Theo's inherant flailing arms. Flailing arms (milk in hand)+ Elliot's face =allergic reaction. So you know what that meant. Peace out milk.

So naturally Rob and Theo still eat milk products like cheese, yogurt and milk made foods, but I try my best to avoid them, which means I miss out big time on fun food nights like Pizza. Until yesterday when I had my lightbulb moment.

I had the idea to research "dairy free cheese" and lo and behold, it exists! So I packed up the allergy twins and headed to heaven on earth (a.k.a Whole Foods) where I picked up freshmade dough, sauce, and dairy free cheese. Upon coming home I dug around in our unkempt mess of a garden and picked tomatos, basil and rosemary, and got my pizza making on.

We tossed, stretched and table flipped (I couldn't resist) our dough to perfection, and after 2 dud pizzas, a burnt arm, insessent asking "what is dairy free cheese?"(hubs)  and 456782890 times of me telling Hubster that our family is "Thick as thieves", we had a completely delicious, hard as a rock (shoulda lowered that cooking time) Vegan pizza. We did it. Old school. Eat your heart out Teresa Gudice.

The verdict...yummy pizza. No it's not LaRosa's or Marions, but it's much better than missing out. Pizza night may no longer be easy and quick, but I'm glad to know that there are products that both of my boys can have that mimick the taste and flavor of the foods that they are missing most. I'm glad to know that there's life after allergies (food life), and yes, it takes a bit more planning, but in the end we are eating much healthier. And healthier = skinnier. And for that I thank you allergies.

By the way... I took pictures of my pizza, but sadly,  a food photographer I am not and  I will not be posting them for you viewing pleasure.  I want everyone reading this to envision a bubbling, delicious, perfect pizza. I probably should've put more effort into appearance. ahhh Hindsight.

I'm just lucky that the hubs doesn't moonlight as a Top chef judge.

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  1. I feel your no pizza pain. After Noah my body had a weird reaction to nitrates and citric acid. Which 99.9% of pizza is full of. If I eat it I have symptoms for almost 2 straight weeks.
    I am glad you found dairy free cheese! I didn't even know they made that!
    You are such a good mom finding a way to make your kids allergies work for your family like that!