Since we've been gone...

I know everyone is currently humming tht lovely Kelly Clarkson tune, due to my lackluster creativity in the blog title department (I'm working my way back into your hearts one blog post at a time). Clearly our little familia has taken a break from cyber world and now without furtherr adeiu....WE ARE BACK!

Time for your update.

  Elliot is now just over three months and is so so cute!;;;;;;;;;;shameless mommy plug;;;;;;;;;;; he sleeps well and is steaing our hearts every day! We adore him so much. He is so laid back, he may steal the jack johnson award from his big brother! Speaking of that Theodore, he is busy busy busy. Being two is a very tough job, you know. In between big brother duties of trying to cover baby brother in kisses, hes very active and is our little rockstar. Theo is so in love with the fabulous weather and is even more in love with worms. ahhhh boys.

I feel like this mommy of two thing is getting tons easier.

adios for now

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