Tis the Season...

As all Christmas shopping has ceased in our crazily random world, I can't help but think about those in need of much more than Ipads and Video Games this Christmas. The pressure to spend spend spend is extremely high and it's easy to go overboard. Unfortunatly our society is driven by this and many people are more concerned about materialistic gifts ( I myself am guilty), than the well being of our neighbors and fellow human beings. The economic status in the state where we live is varying, but the automotive industry used to be a huge source of employment and now no longer exsists.

Since we have recently made the transition to a one income family, we do not have the resources to necessarily help those in need with money, but in this new year it is my goal and resolution to donate my time and energy to helping those truly in need. If anyone has any thoughts, suggestions or ideas on helping others in a non- monetary way, I would LOVE the suggestions, after all, 'Tis the season!

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