I've done it.

I've officially become a stay at home mommy. No steady paycheck, but with that comes the greatness that is staying home with my litte THEE0 and soon to be number 2. I have to say that I am a bit nervous, because I have always worked at least one job since the age of 17. I still continue to do what I love (coach dance), but the majority of my time will be domestic godliness and mommy duty. So what does this mean? Living on the cheap and stretching into my creative brain to come up with fun and exciting projects for me and Theo to accomplish for free. This also means that I will probably annoy you (and myself) to death with tons of pics and blog updates about more Random Drama. I'm gladly taking suggestions on being a  housewife...please start from 101, and how you mommy/ wife/ heros budget time and money. I 've heard that it's the toughest job on the planet, but the one with the best rewards!  I'll keep you "posted" on how it goes!

Here's a little article/joke that we have posted on our fridge. It cracks me up how things used to be.

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