If you just believe

:::::::::::::::::::Warning this post not suitable for kids of the Santa believing age::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

I believed in Santa for way too long. Not in the "oh how I love the Christmas magic of 'Santa' and the excitement of Christmas Morning", but in a "wow I'm in middle school and I am still convinced that a big jolly man comes down our chimney, better get to bed quickly kind of way". Yes I was awkwardly old, for all of that Santa mumbo- jumbo, but I had proof. Of course this comes with a story so Let me begin at the beginning...

I really wasn't a super awkward kid, and I did have some signs of normalcy, in fact, believe it or not,
there actually was a time where I stopped believing in Santa at a normal age. In the first grade, a classmate (that shall remain nameless) made fun of me for believing in the big man  and after a series of mockery, actually explained to me the logistical errors of this so called "Santa" character. You know the old analytical argument "how can one man make it around the world in only one night blah blah blah". Now I have never EVER been accused of being a logical thinker and I honestly don't claim to be (Logic is just so inside of the box for me...inside of the box= boring) , but this evidence was so damning that I had to take a moment to wrap my 7 year old brain around this thought... maybe just maybe Santa was my *gasp...parents?! Upon returning home later that evening I proceeded to tell my parents  this new hot of the presses information, behind worried eyes, they expressed concern and allowed me to talk, drawing my own conclusions. They proceeded about their experiences with Santa but never forced me to believe otherwise. They however, had an idea. Let's set up a video camera (low quaity VHS style circa 1993) and see if we can find proof. So the night before Christmas came and although I was doubtful, I set out cookies and milk anyway and waited on the expected couch location for any action. Unfortunatly fatigue took over  (as it aways does in the Christmas movies) and I must have fallen asleep.  Like all kids I awoke in my bed (another example of that Christmas Magic) and ran out to inspect the damage...sure enough he had been there! Not at all distracted by the mounds and mounds of gifts under the tree,I ran immediatly to the Tripod set up in the corner and removed the evidence. After placing it in our VCR and adjusting the tracking for what seemed like forever, I saw it. PROOF. Hard evidence that the Big guy in red DOES exist. That  kid in my class was full of bologna (I prefer to refer to him as fun-ruiner). I felt as though the innocence that had been stolen had been restored. I was a born again believer at the age of 7.

Santa continued to make video appearances the next year, and I always wanted to show my friends, but he sent his elves to bring the tape to the north pole during the off season...it was for my eyes only.
So for those looney tunes who say that Santa isn't real, well it's not true. He may just show you otherwise...

 SO maybe I still believe in Santa. And I'm still awkward and Illogical.  I just know how to hide it better now that I'm older. Sort of.

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