The gift that keeps on giving

As a valued tradition in our loving household (1 year strong)  we drop the kiddo off at the Grands and Hubster and I rande-vous for a "date night" Santa shopping experience. This year started off fantastic with Hubba getting a new pair of specks....courtesy of the big guy in red (or the jolly bellied wife, whichever you prefer) then a dinner at a Mexican heartbun infested feast of yumminess. Completed with a trip to Toys R Us for some "secret" shopping, basically we run around like loonie overgrown children and shop for Theo. This year however I had my eyes out for other gifts and THANK GOODNESS I did, otherwise I may have missed this little gem...

Heck yes! Your very own chance to sound like the synthesized genius himself. For only 64.99 (without speakers....the one with the saweet speakers was 79.99) you too can have your child singing "Blame it on the Ah ah ah ah ah alcohol". Now hubs and I rocked out this dispay for wayy longer than two adults should (my husband wearing a transformers mask while doing so) trying to remember all songs T-pain and singing at the top of our lungs the T-Pain promo song through the asles of Toys R Us. Unfortunatly we were such tightwads that we had to say goodbye to this beautiful invention, because the store was closing. Bottom line, hilarious toy for the hip (I'd like to think so at least) 20 somethings, but there's something kinda sick envisioning Theo singing "Buy me a Drank (Shawty get loose) on Jesus' birthday. Call me old fashioned.

Ps- is it just me or are all of T-Pain's songs about Drankin? Yet another reason every child in America should be singing carols like T-Pain to celebrate the birth of our Savior. Cheers Jesus.

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  1. Kevin and I saw this!! We may or may not have had a very similar experience with it. Noah was with us and at the tender age of 7 months old even though he could not speak I know he was embarrassed to be seen with us.