Memory alert...

So in the middle of cuddly time with my Theo bug, I had a memory flash down upon me like a cinematic experience. I felt compelled to share this memory so here you go... Drumroll please.

When I was young nickeleodeon was the best and biggest kids network ever created. With shows like "Clarissa explains it all"," hey dude", and "salute your shorts", I spent way more than the healthy allotted time in front of the tv. The game shows however, were legendary. Hosted by my first old man crush Mark Summers, "Double Dare" and "What would you do?" were my very favorites. Many a days were wasted dreaming of being a contestant and getting the ultimate nickeleodeon experience...a pie in the face. Every day for about a year (when i was 9) I would tell my dad that all I ever wanted was a pie in the face, and my dad would always reply "when you least expect it, I will pie you"::::fast forward 5 years:::: I was now 14 and way too cool for anything and Nickelodeon had been replaced with way "cooler" tv like MTV. During one fall day I was in my usual miserly teenage mood, irritated with "family time" (huge regret btw) when my dad called me into the kitchen. Grumbling I sourly made my way into the kitchen only to be met with 3 pies square in the face. My dad was the king of "when you least expect it" and like an elephant never forgets.i mean seriously, 5 years later! Best.Timing.Ever. That was one of the best lessons I've ever learned from my dad...jokes are funnier the longer you can stretch out the punch line, and that you are never too old (or too cool)to laugh at a practical joke.

I seriously can't wait to pie bomb my boys in the face when they are having a bad day. Thanks for the tip Lare!

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