Thank God I'm In wal-mart...

This week I had two (can you believe it TWO) Thank God I'm in wal-mart moments. Now before I go on, I am in no way making fun of people who shop at walmart (I myself shop there on occasion, obviously twice this week) but there is a certain stereotype of people who gravitate to this store of wonder. It can't be ignored that walmart carries this stigma (especially in the south/ Midwest) and this week I fit the bill perfectly.

Moment #1- this was actually the second incedent, but the least traumatic so I'll start here. While rushing in to check out a toddler hoodie for Theo I (actually the hubster) realized as we were putting him in the cart that he wasn't wearing shoes. Happily enjoying himself without a care in the world. Groan.cue hillbilly music. Now we had a perfectly good excuse... He had on rainboots and took them off in the car, however in all appearance, I had that two year old barefoot in public in 50 degree weather. All I could say was "thank God I'm in walmart" because I didn't get one weird look.

( warning- this may be gross but hey it's life)

moment #2 (which actually happened first chronologically speaking) happened Wednesday (oh that fateful day) when I ran into walmart alone (different walmart looking for the same hoodie...which does not exist in theo's size btw) and while standing in the baby hoodie asle baby #2 (in utero) does a gold medal worthy tumbling pass on my bladder and within a matter of seconds I had peed myself STANDING. IN .WALMART. My initial reaction was "I'm only 24 weeks it's not my water breaking" and upon further investigation I realize that yes it is number 1. Luckily thanks to gap maternity legging most of the damage was hidden from plain view, but I felt totally compelled to let a sales associate know so they could clean the floor. I found the nearest back brace wearing employee (why do they wear those over their clothes by the way) and embarassingly told her what happened... debating telling her this elaborate story of how I'm in labor and the beauty of childbrith is so grand blah blah blah yada yada yada, but instead told her the truth. Her reply was "don't worry it happens all the time", and I was left mouth agape. All the time huh?ew... Better think twice about flip flops next time I go to the old walmart. Luckily she was so nice I thanked her and went politely on my way. The only thought I had while leaving was that had this happened in target I would have lost mind. Moral of the week ; you too could find yourself in a not so classy situation and my only hope for everyone is that it happens at a place inobvious to the rest of the world. My only thought leaving that day was
"Thank God I'm in walmart, and Thank God for people crazier than me"

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