My dad...My Hero

Today 4 years ago my dad lost his battle with cancer. It was such a hard day, but the hardest days are still forthcoming. After his first grim diagnosis (stage 4 colon with mets in liver and lung) we knew that his time was short, but he never lost his humor. Even while braving 2 major surgeries (1/4 of his colon removed, 60% of his liver removed) and continuous chemo/ radiation treatments, he never ever complained. He went about his daily life, visiting friends, going my my college events, hanging out with family, and his continuing his passion of going to car shows. He would tote around his little "fanny pack" chemo, and make a joke about starting a fashion statement. He was always so happy, and so excited to be able to share every precious moment with those who he loved. He never wasted his cancer, and although he wanted to fight, he knew the statistics and knew when God wanted to take him home. For me...I feel so fortunate to have shared 21 amazing years with my dad. He was a stay at home "Mr. Mom" that wasn't ashamed to be a dance dad or the only dad at 6 NSync concerts. He was my best friend, that I would stay up late watching boxing with and listen to records. He would do my hair for school and could cook a mean silver dollar pancake.He taught me that the words "you're grounded " really meant "I love you and I want you to do better". He taught me how to write the word LOVE in cursive on the frosted front door while waiting for the bus, and he taught me how to put shocks on the 56 Chevy. He let me have the freedom to make mistakes, and taught me the power of I'm sorry. He was a terrific musician and husband...and he (and my mom)  showed me what a real marriage was and the work that it took to maintain it. It was hard not to love my dad...and it bothered him if anyone around him were upset. He was my shoulder to cry on when my high school love broke my heart, and my cheerleader when I met the man of my dreams. He showed me how to live and that it's never too late to ask God's forgiveness. He taught me that it is okay to cry...as long as it's followed with twice as many laughs. Most of all he taught me how to make the most of everyday and to live a life full of love. He taught me to celebrate myself and to celebrate those that you love. So today I celebrate a Dad, chef, car-lover, and best friend.

Happy Heaven Day Dad!

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