A little bit of cheeseball ear candy...

You're welcome. Seriously there is nothing more romantic than a cheeseball  love song on a fall (soon to be)  friday night. This is my major guilty pleasure in life.  On my way to work, while others are listening to morning shows and hip tunes, I find myself rocking out to all of the greats...Ambrosia, Kenny G, Michael Bolton and the list goes on and on. Don't get me wrong...I dig newer less amazing music as well, but nothing makes me quite as happy as our local lite station. I dream of the day that I can fathom a sad story to call delilia and hope that she picks out a song (preferably something by James Taylor ) that speaks to me. I really wish that I could go back and redo my wedding playlist to accomodate my newly discovered love.   Now that I'm jazzed up about my tunes I'm going to make my Casey Kasem top 10 list of all time great cheeseball songs...

10. Right Down the Line- Gerry Rafferty
9. Closer to you- The carpenters
8. Biggest part of me- Ambrosia
7. All out of love- Air Supply
6. Love will keep us together- Captain and Tennille
5. Tonight I celebrate my love- Peabo Bryson & Roberta Flach
4.Somewhere out there-Linda Ronstadt
 3. Your Smiling face- James Taylor (nothing like a litte JT in your life)
2. How much I feel- Ambrosia

and drumroll please...#1

Don't know much by the one and only Aaron Neville. The most physically fit love crooner in the game. He rocked the mole wayyy before Enrique. Oh if that mole could talk...ew. The voice of an angel masked beneath giant biceps and a jeri-curl. I miss the 90's. Too bad the Hubster put the kibosh on this being our first dance at our wedding. It's too bad really, because there's no other song in the world that explains love in that unexpected falsetto. Have a steller weekend folks

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