Teenybopper heaven

This week my cousin is in town from Cali and we went to see her bf who just happened to be touring in our town with Miranda Cosgrove ( a.k.a ICarly). She was absolutely adorbs and is a terrific entertainer. The funny thing is that the median age for this concert was probably 12 (not including the moms and the oh so reluctant dads who accompanied them), and they reminded me of my youth which was thankfully filled with many concert memories (THANKS MOM and DAD!). I was taken back to 2006 when I realized that her band was in fact, The Click Five...a band that I had once screamed like a 12 year old for ( when I was actually 20). I'm still a big fan, and proud of it. I am a sucker for sugary sweet pop songs that take you back to a time of simplicity. I also adore music that resembles 60's and 70's influences (a time that I would have been stoked to live in).  I'll never forget all of my concert experiences, especially the ones where my dad "bit the perverbial bullet" and took me to 6 (yes I said 6) N Sync concerts. I grew up in a house where music was #1, and concerts were like our family staple. My first concert was actually in utero (ZZTOP when my mom was 7 months pregs) and I haven't stopped since. I can't wait to take Theo to see his first concert, it'll absolutely be rad.

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