Oh humpty Dumpty...

So while getting the little bean ready for bed, hubs was reading nursery rhymes and poignently asked me this question "Do you think Humpty Dumpty was really an egg? I mean no where in the poem does it say anything about being an egg". ::::speechless:::::: and lost in my thoughts I realized that my entire existence was thrown for a loop de loop. As of my entire life, it has  always been to my knowledge that poor Humpty was just an egg that had a bad day while resting on a wall. In reality he was probably some guy that fell off of a wall, and to make it kid friendly they depicted him as an egg, because there's nothing creepy about a broken egg, I mean we see them every morning. What if your family member was Humpty Dumpty? I mean would you really want to hear every child in your village chanting the poem reminding you of that horrible accident? I'm not quite sure that would really soften the blow...as though being named Humpty Dumpty wasn't bad enough. Come to think of it Humpty Dumpty probably jumped off of that wall to escape the torment of a name that could only be shortened to Hump Dump. I seriously feel like I just lost my innocence and I'm pretty sure I'll be staying away from eggs for a bit.

Thanks Mother Goose for making such a catchy but creepy rhyme.

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