Mommy Moment of the week...

So Theo is at the BEST age EVER (trust me I say this at every milestone)...he's 18 months of energy and excitement! I absolutely adore his little smile and his little voice. Some words that he is saying are: Ma-Ma, Da-Da, Pa-pa (grandpa), o.k., juice, milk, abbi-oli (raviloi), snack, ack (Jack Johnson), bebe (baby) and his favorite word apple. EVERYTHING is now an apple...grapes, green beans and grilled cheese are no longer the monkier as we once knew them to be , they are in fact, apples. This is super adorable stuff, but none are quite as cute as his new phase (or not-so-new in my husband's opinion) cue music...dun dun dun the MOMMY phase. Everything is all about me and honestly I can't say that I dislike it at all. Theo is a total mommy's boy and everything he does needs to be shared by ma-ma. I can't go to the bathroom without Theo breaking into tears and following me. To some this may seem annoying or even extreme, but I spoil my little guy rotten and know in my heart that he is perfect in every way. I am verrrry interested in seeing how this all pans out when the new baby is born, but I believe that God will keep everything under control! It's always been my dream to be a wife and a mommy, and though some parents may be stressed by clingy child syndrome, I see it as a golden opportunity so show him love and how to treat those you love. After all it won't be too long until he's 13 and the only way to steal a kiss will be either when he's asleep or around his friends (I honestly kind of look foreword to embarrassing my kids every once in awhile *wink). Mommy won't be his number one favorite forever so I intend to cherish it as long as possible!

mommy out

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