Fat and not with a PH

haha excuse my early 2000's reference (PHAT) but I was cleverly trying to title my post in a way that would refrain from sounding whiny. As most of you know, I'm pregnant again (hooray!) but I'm starting to get those fat lady blues again. I know that pregnancy is a time for "glowing" mommies to bask in their pregnant glory, and I'm so thankful for being pregnant and staying pregnant  , but I also feel like I need to let off a little steam in the weight gain department. I assume that I am just envious of those "basketball" preggies that look as beautiful at 9 months as that first day they saw that glorious plus sign. I however am NOT one of those glamorous mommies who look like they smuggled a watermelon from the grocery. At 13 weeks (no more 1st trimester yuckies) I look like I have a beer gut. I honestly believe that I pee on the stick and 10 pounds appear immediately. All jokes aside although being pregnant is emotionally and physically straining, I am so thankful to be able to carry a healthy baby and to do what God has designed my body to do. So as I get back to my ho-hos and twinkies (kidding again) I'll take a glance at my little Theo and realize that every pound and stretch mark is totally worth it.  Besides miu-mius wouldn't have been invented if everyone looked great pregnant!

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