Shaping up and Shipping out

I apologize for the lag in time between posts, but the ugly flu monster reared it's ugly head and took me down to sickie town where I have been hiding the last few days. After about 20 neti pot experiences (btw everyone should be given a neti pot at birth to carry with them throughout a lifetime...it is the greatest invention ever. Thanks India!) and fumigating our home with Vicks vapor rub, I am here again back on the old blog train, ready to write down the lunacy that I call my thoughts. DRUMROLL PLEASE... Without further ado (cue intro music) I want to tell you about the other little "investment" that I made a couple weeks ago. I'm sure you've seen the adds, cute little athletic girl about 80 pounds power walking in central park wearing the coveted shoes that can "shape you up" just by walking. These aren't a new product but I was having a terrible time justifying purchasing something that I could almost guarantee that I wouldn't use... for almost 2 years now until I had to buy new white "tennis"shoes for my nurse's aide clinical. ::::::ANGEL MUSIC (as in a choir of angels singing for only me)::::::: Finally this was my justification. SOLD. I bought a pair hoping that I would wish myself into thinking I was working out but unfortunately I looked like I was teetering along like a weeble wobble ready to collapse at any moment (hey, everyone loves the element of surprise right?) and quickly realized that MANY women in this area of the midwest have made the EXACT same fashion mistake and that got me thinking...did we buy these shoes because we bought into the working out thing or because some weird part of us like the clown/ club foot look that we were all rocking? You can't walk into a grocery store in Ohio and not count at least one pair of these shoes, they are easy to spot because the woman wearing them usually have a look of fear (of falling) on their faces and are clutched onto the shopping cart like it is their saving lifeline between them and the floor (which it really is). I've also noticed that some people who wear them seem to trust in their results so religiously that they physically appear to use these shoes as their sole form of exercise (haha couldn't resist a little shoe humor). Bottom line: I think they are great for jobs where you are on your feet all the time and have the opportunity to get used to the ergonomically "correct" way of walking, but I think that the majority of woman bought them because they (and I...guilty) truly believed that they would look as bombshell as the models on the commercials. The power of the media is a crazy thing, but the truth of the matter is that NO matter how hot you look, if you're wearing lace up stilts no one will notice how good your tush looks. I guess I'll have to get myself into shape the old fashioned way...instead of relying on the 6 steps I take from the kitchen to the bathroom. 

ps- I may just be a little but negatively biased  because within ten minutes of having said shoes on I rolled my ankle about 5 times...

pps- I also chose to go the cheap route and bought the payless version, so I cannot speak for the actual name brand sneaks.

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  1. Well Jess about the shoes, I was in Las Vegas with your Aunt Joyce and Uncle Mike, He meaning your Uncle Mike God bless his little heart decided that I needed a new pair of walking shoes because I did not have a good shoe to walk in. Needless to say we went into the next shoe store we came to. Thank God it was sketchers. I tried on a pair of the walking shoes that you are talking about, the kind that you can rock in if you are standing still. we needless to say I put the shoes on and could not stand up on them or walk across the room, meaning I went strait forward. Fell over every time that I stood up Mike had to catch me or I would of fell on my face. so I think you have inherited this from me sorry. I had to buy a great pair of flat shoes. I can walk for miles with Uncle Mike if I had to and believe me we put some miles on them shoes in Vegas. Sorry to hear you were sick. Glad you are better. love and kisses to theo.