Full frontal Blogging

Well after finally succumbing to the inevitable, I have decided to create a blog. Obviously I'm at a bit of a disadvantage, because I'm not getting married (already there) ,not having a baby (at least not again right away), I don't have a house to DIY to death (yet.boo.) and I'm not creative (or patient) enough to create anything worth selling, so WHAT should I write about? Easy peasy...my life. Random and silly. Hence the name Random Blog Drama. Actually there really isn't a lot of drama in my world, but the word DRAMA usually attracts looks so I'm hoping to fill up my followers box with interested folks, only to then lure them in with my silly stories and sarcastic (but usually funny) undertones. So for all of you who have a second stop by and check out what this quarter life has done to me....

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